The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company

Breaking news!!

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company will be performing their outdoor show here at Mill Farm.

Adding the farm to their Summer tour, The Rudes brand new show for the 2020 Outdoor Summer tour will be...


From living on the streets of Lambeth and in a home for destitute children, he rose above appalling adversity to become the greatest film star ever. How is that possible?

The new Rudes show is the extraordinary story of Charlie Chaplin's childhood and how he made comedy out of tragedy, from illiteracy to beauty and the visually poetic.

Full of music hall, poetry, playground clapping rhymes and slapstick, it will make you cry one minute and howl with laughter the next.

Mill Farm are very proud to be hosting The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company for the first time! The Rudes are a touring Company founded in 1998 and are well known for their outdoor tours across Southern England, which aim to bring the poetry of live theatre to rural communities.

Their shows are inspired by and deeply rooted in the Commedia dell'Arte. Expect vibrant costumes, mime, live music and acrobatics movements.

Show suitable for both adults and children.

More details to follow.

Book Event - £0.00 per person

Details coming soon!