The Spirit of Woodstock

The Spirit of Woodstock

The Spirit of Woodstock

-Turn On. Tune In. Drop Out.

A thought-provoking, poignant, lump-in-throat, dynamic, and semi-immersive theatre collage of the worlds and era that surrounded the “Mother of Free Festivals.”

Written and performed by Jonathan Brown

Inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements, and still retaining remnants of these traditions, Award-winning Something Underground Theatre brings you it’s tribute to Woodstock ’69

Feel free to wear tie dye and bandanas and hippie gear.

This amazing show is a story of the time, the people, the era, around Woodstock, and so rather than following one person’s trajectory, is a thought-provoking but highly dynamic and energetic collage of the worlds that surrounded the event and the USA in the 60’s.

Get ready to meet, and to become…. chopper pilots, musicians, politicians, Apollo astronauts, toilet cleaners, Viet Vets, anti-war protesters, civil rights activists, festival goers, drugs dealers, traffic cops, riot police, festival organisers, counter culture leaders, residents local to the festival, tv news reporters, Soviet nuclear sub commanders, and many many more!


“5 stars, groovy afternoon. Thoroughly entertaining JB has some stamina! Treat yourselves.”

Just saw ‘The Spirit of Woodstock’ I can recommend it. Bring some friends, make some noise! Don’t take too many drugs.. just the right amount! … I now wish I was born 1950 USA! Jonathan Brown is a crazy genius!”

“…. really fun, thoughtful, inspiring, educational & Jonathan was amazing at representing so many characters & the whole vibe. One man – 72 characters!!!!!! WOW!


There will be two open air performances of this awesome show

Thursday, 19th Aug:

3pm - 6pm


7pm - 10pm

Mill Farm Bar & food available.

STRICTLY NO DOGS OR GLASSWARE - Mill Farm is home to many animals who use the fields when our events are not on.


We look forward to warmly welcoming you back to the farm!

The Mill Farm Team